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Work Health And Safety Australia Visual Aid Unit

The Visual Aid Unit (VAU)

WHS Law in its simplest form describes a series of “YOU MUSTS” that the owners and officers of the organisation must do to provide a safe workplace.

WHS law is unambiguous as it simply says, you have a DUTY of CARE to do what is reasonably practicable to ensure the health, safety, welfare and provide a safe workplace for yourself and anyone else legally on your workplace.

The only defence any person in business has any control over is “Evidence of prior Due Diligence,” which means, in its simplest form, that you have done what is reasonably practicable to provide a safe workplace prior to an event.

This means that you need a documented program that shows your attendance to the absolute basics, which includes, but are not limited to:

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Control, and
  • Review

in Consultation with your staff, any potential workplace hazard.

How can you do this without delegating someone in your company to attend to this expensive and sometime time consuming task?

Answer: WE DO IT FOR YOU or you can do it yourself! We provide all the training modules and sign off documents!

We have developed a UNIQUE Due Diligence and Consultation program called the VAU!

This program has been successfully used by hundreds of companies of all sizes from McCain’s Australia and New Zealand to sole traders since 2004!


The VAU is a safety poster accompanied with a series of educational training modules that are changed and delivered is the conduit for demonstrating:

• Worker involvement
• Instruction
• Awareness
• Training on safe procedures
• Obtaining and supplying information from an authoritative source
• Consultation with staff
• Warning measures
• Training on WHS law (Mandatory for due diligence)
• Ongoing education
• Information
• Evidence of understanding
• Literacy issues
• Hazard Identification/Risk Management
• Reporting of incidents

We do it for you and at the end of the session we discuss with the PCBU the steps required to rectify or manage the identified issues from the consultation meeting. (Risk Management)

Your company has to do this and we want to save you time and resources and assist with the ongoing journey, which is your WHS legal and moral responsibilities.

With the VAU Program, you will have the necessary documentary evidence, you have dealt with your ongoing responsibility and its conducted by a third party! (A defence in its own right!)

We Save Our Clients Hundreds Of Hours Of Work Each Year!

Work Health And Safety Australia Visual Aid Unit